まさにメンバー全員がハイスペック!その高い身体能力を活かした圧倒的なダンスパフォーマンス、定評のある歌唱力と美しいコーラスワーク、スタイリッシュなファッションなど、全てにこだわり抜いたライブ活動が話題となり、前作シングル(2018年12月19日発売)「First&Last」はテレビ朝日系全国放送『BREAK OUT』のオープニング・トラックに PICK UP され、レコチョク3冠(アルバム・ハイレゾ・ビデオクリップ)&オリコン週間シングルランキング 7位を記録。

さらに最新シングル(2019年6月5日発売)「Light on fire」は、日本テレビ系「バズリズム 02」Pick UP に決定。2作連続 TOP10 入りとなる、オリコン週間シングルランキング9位!レコチョク 3 冠(アルバム・ハイレゾ・ビデオクリップ)を記録。今、最も注目されている若手BOYSグループ!

IVVY is a 5 member dance and vocal group made up of high spec members, who shone with their talent in various fields even before the group’s formation.
HIROTO, the leader who went up to the national championship in high school for his soccer career

TOSHIKI, who went through hard work as a firefighter in the Tokyo Fire and Disaster Agency. YU-TA, who chose to become an artist despite being capable enough to get a job offer as a police officer. KENTO.i, a former soccer elite that was part of the J-League Juniors. TAIYU, the youngest member who was 3rd place in Hokkaido track and fields.

All members are at least 180cm tall! Each of the members definitely have very high specs!
They give displays of impressive dance performances with their great physique.
As they approached their 3rd anniversary, they have no doubt built on their vocals and beautiful chorus work with each live they perform.

From their integrated performance to their fashion, the members are known for being particular about it for every live!

창당 전보다 각 필드에 재능을 빛내고 온 하이스펙인 5명에 의한 Dance&Vocal그룹.
고등 학교 때 축구부에서 전국 대회에 출전한 경력을 가진 리더의 HIROTO

高소방관으로서 도쿄 소방청으로 하드 워크를 했던 TOSHIKI,
경찰관의 내정을 받으면서도 아티스트 활동의 길을 택한 YU-TA,
전 J리그의 주니어 유스에 소속된 축구 엘리트 KENTO.i,
육상 경기에서 홋카이도 3위의 경력을 가진 막내 TAIYU.

멤버 모두 키 180cm이상!그 멤버 모두 하이스펙!
그 높은 신체 능력을 활용한 압도적인 댄스 퍼포먼스,
결성 3주년을 맞는 라이브로 단련되었던 확실한 가창력과 아름다운 합창 워크.
종합 연출에서 패션까지, 모든 멤버가 라이브 제작에 참여한다고 화제 되어있다